Slow Games

Physical video games with a very low frequency of interaction: one move a day.

OBJECTS   |   2014

Pas a Pas

An interactive educational tool for children to learn about and create stop motion animation.

DEVICE   |   2010

code {poems}

A book of poems written with code. Code meant to be read by people, not run by a computer.

BOOK   |   2012


An open source platform to share, discover and display digital art.

PLATFORM   |   2015

Memory Device

An aid device that helps you remember and respects the right to forget.

OBJECT   |   2014

Manual Reader

A reader for digital content with haptic and spatial feedback.



A series of books containing Google search entries.

BOOKS   |   2016

Swipe on paper

A series of paintings of swipe keyboard gestures inspired by traditional calligraphy.

PAINTINGS   |   2018


A web browser optimized for contextual navigation and frequent actions.

CONCEPT   |   2012

Generative Photography

An exploration within the fields of photography and generative art.

PHOTOGRAPHY   |   2011

The Mental Space

A speculation on mind interface design.

ESSAY   |   2013


An artistic research on visual perception and communication.

INSTALLATION   |   2013-15

A Minute Within

A visualization of diversity in human perception of time.

APP, PRINT   |   2013

Spatially Aware Devices

New interactions with devices that recognize each other in space.

CONCEPT   |   2012


A collection of drawings made with pens, pencils or paint. Sometimes with robots too.

DRAWINGS   |   2016-2020

Archive 2010-2020

A collection of experiments that didn't make it into projects, from the last decade.

EXPERIMENTS   |   2010-2020


In the past years I worked as a designer with companies worldwide. I envisioned products involving emerging technologies at Google Creative Lab, worked on new features for the Paper app at Fiftythree, and designed new devices and interactions for AR at Microsoft.

I currently work at Google incubating new products for Education.